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Are We The Future Power?

In Episode 1.1 of TRANSLOGIC, we introduced you to the HumanCar Imagine_PS, something that looks like a modern-day railroad car. What makes the Imagine_PS go is good old elbow grease (and a lot of it -- think of the vehicle as a four-man rowing machine), running on calories as opposed to carbons. The vehicle's two electric motors in the wheels generate about four horsepower (about the power of a weed whacker), creating what inventor Charles S. Greenwood calls a "bionic human hybrid." Drivers can

HumanCar Imagine_PS is here, almost - preorders accepted [w/video]

HumanCar Imagine_PS in action – Click above to watch video Sebastian Blanco

HumanCar is about as green as walking, but faster

Pedal-powered four-wheeled vehicles are nothing new. I used to ride around in a little go-cart thing when my family vacationed in Germany. But we rented the vehicles as a way to have fun, not for serious transportation. The HumanCar Company has updated the concept by giving the purely pedal-driven vehicles an electric motor and updated ergonomics. The company says that the "geometry prototype", has been "so successful that no changes have b