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Ed Welburn defends GM design from HuffPo attack

So what do you do if you happen to be Global Vice President of General Motors Design and a blogger calls your company out for lacking a modern sense of design? Well, if your name happens to be Ed Welburn, you respond with an open letter of your own.

FOLLOWUP: Alec Baldwin clarifies his auto industry ramblings... sort of

To pull the plug means to stop, give up, lay off, discontinue, cease. It's clear, concise language that leaves little room for misinterpretation. That is, apparently, unless you're Alec Baldwin. In a recent blog entry on Huffington Post, the actor had harsh words regarding the Detroit auto industry, blaming Motown for everything fr

Will direct methanol fuel cell beat li-ion plug-in hybrids in the long run?

Methanol fuel cells are not a brand new technology (see our 2007 interview with Smart Fuel Cells), but they are most certainly not the best-known gasoline alternative. Over at the Huffington Post, Patrick Takahashi is trying to change how we think of direct methanol fuel cells by

Khosla challenges oil companies with cheap ethanol offer

Vinod Khosla, a socially conscious entrepreneur who funds clean energy ventures among others, is calling oil companies' bluffs on fuels not made from fossil fuels. Khosla (read more about him here and here) has offered to supply enough ethanol to the oil companies at a fixed price so they can sell it all across America at $1.99 a gallo