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Writing on the Huffington Post, author Kathy Freston quotes a UN report that says raising farm animals for food is the primary cause for all sorts of disasters, the least of which are air pollution and global warming. Does that mean we can stop blaming the internal combustion engine for all the world's woes? Hardly. It just means there's another whipping boy on the block, and this time it's my tri-tip bar-b-que.

In her latest blog on Huffington Post, heartless attacker of Michael Crichton and global warming advocate Laurie David is taking GM vice chairman Bob Lutz to the woodshed for his recent comments about raising CAFE standards. Only problem is that her whipping switch is a little short.

Vinod Khosla, a socially conscious entrepreneur who funds clean energy ventures among others, is calling oil companies' bluffs on fuels not made from fossil fuels. Khosla (read more about him here and here) has offered to supply enough ethanol to the oil companies at a fixed price so they can sell it all across America at $1.99 a gallon and still make a tidy profit. All the company has to do it commit to buying Khosla's ethanol for five to seven years. So far, no one has taken him up on it.