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In a case of outsourced becoming insourced, 3,000 Hewlett-Packard employees who are devoted to General Motors IT issues will be swapping workplaces, moving to GM and becoming GM employees in order to work on IT issues.

"Thanks God for traction control," was the first thought that ran through our minds when we came across the reported power figures of the new Audi RS6. Floating around the tubes of the Internets are the chassis codes for the new RS6, which look something like this: Audi AG 47 7967 21 AAJ N31 N30 579 426 5002. What does all that mean? Well, the 579 figure is the metric horsepower rating, which is equivalent to about 571 HP, while 426 refers to the kilowatts, and 5002 is a reference to the cubic c

Et tu, Tiff? Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell, in a roundabout twist of fatalist logic, has the temerity to suggest that automakers voluntarily adopt a maximum horsepower limit. His argument is a classically defensive one: willingly give up a little bit before the opposing forces -- who want everyone to drive Priuses -- force everyone to give up a lot.

We have no idea why branding a laptop computer with your logo is so attractive to high-end automakers these days, but apparently you're not a player until you've got one. First there was the Ferrari-Acer partnership, then ASUS and Lamborghini got together, and now we have Hewlett Packard, or HP as the kids call it these days, teaming up with Maybach, DaimlerChrysler's brand of cars for the upper crust of humanity.