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The Horsepower Wars – Click above to view infographic

2011 Ford Super Duty – Click above for high-res image gallery

In typical Honda fashion, its premium Acura division will take a different path and has decided not to get sucked into a power race with its rivals. We already knew Acura had shelved plans for a larger V8 engine and a rear wheel drive platform. Product planning manager John Watts told Automotive News that the brand will instead focus on doing what needs to happen to meet the 2016 fuel economy standards which will be "tough."

Margo Oge, EPA director-office of transportation and air quality, has made a plea to the auto industry to end the current horsepower wars that have produced such vehicles as the 620-hp Corvette ZR1. Instead, she hopes the industry, specifically domestic automakers, will start a new war, a green war, to create the "most affordable and desirable, low carbon-vehicle each year." Such a challenge, she claims, could help spark economic growth and see the transportation sector "reclaim the mantle of th

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