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HydroFill's "personal hydrogen station" to be unveiled at CES

You can't fill your fuel cell Equinox with it, but the Horizon HydroFill will soon allow people to generate hydrogen at home with water and electricity and use it to power USB devices. The HydroFILL comes from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, makers of little hydrogen cars, and will be unveiled at CES this week.

Riversimple open-source fuel cell car could cost just $315/month

The RiverSimple hydrogen fuel cell car – Click above for high-res image gallery

Batteries seriously not included: are fuel cells just another child's toy?

We have shown you the Hydrogen fuel cell toy car for entertainment use, and now we can share with you some more hydrogen fuel cell toys. Here we have the Hydrocar, a non-controllable hydrogen powered vehicle. Is it a good idea to get kids hooked on the idea of hydrogen as a