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While the total market for UK car sales is down over 4% compared to last year, Honda is bucking that trend and showing 2% growth, thanks in large part to the strength the new 5-door Civic and the continued success of the Jazz (that's what the Fit is called in Europe) and CR-V.

In a surprising move earlier this week, the British Department for Transport killed plans to offer car buyers cash grants valued from £300 to £1,000 towards the purchase of low-emissions vehicles. Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman  told the House of Commons that the money set aside for the program wouldn't put enough qualifying vehicles on the road to make a meaningful difference in overall carbon emissions. Instead, the funds will be used for an advertising campaign aimed at B

Honda is getting into the blog sponsoring business via a new consumer opinion network in England. Honda UK is to be 2TalkAbout.com's first sponsor, automotive or otherwise.