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Honda unveils Japanese FCX Clarity - now with more heated seats!

Honda has taken the wraps off of the Japanese version of the hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity and announced that the sleek burgundy sedan will be available for lease in Honda's home country come November.

Honda FCX Clarity to be pace car for Japanese IndyCar race

This weekend at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Japan, the Honda FCX Clarity will be showing its pace by taking on the duties of a pace car. The Indy Racing League is making its annual trek to the homeland of engine supplier Honda for the Indy Japan 300 race at the facility near Tochigi. The fuel cell-powered Clarity will take the place of the usual fleet of Honda Accords as it leads the IndyCars to the green flag and keeps the racers in line while the yellow flag is out. This will be the first ra

VIDEO: Water fight for water emitting car, first ad for the Honda FCX Clarity

Seemingly only moments after unveiling the 2009 Honda FCX Clarity at the LA Auto Show last week, Honda began running a commercial featuring the first series production fuel cell car. Given that the only thing emitted from the Clarity is water, it seems fitting that the ad features a highly choreographed water fight in the mold of a typical

First Drive: 2009 Honda FCX Clarity on the road

It's ironic that the FCX Clarity debuted at this time in this place just weeks after much of the surrounding hillsides were engulfed in flames. Fires at this time of year are pretty typical in this region, but 2007 was especially bad after a long period of drought. Global warming probably didn't cause these fires, but the high temperatures and strong winds certainly amplified the problem. We turned off the PCH by the Pepperdine University campus and headed up Malibu Canyon Rd.

LA 2007: 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Live reveal

Click the FCX Clarity for a high-res gallery

LA 2007 Preview: "Production" Honda FCX to debut

Honda will be taking the wraps off the "production" version of their latest generation FCX at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. The new fuel cell-powered FCX is based on the concept version that we drove a year ago and will be available to fleets and retail customers in the US and Japan starting in 2008. Initial volumes will be low and it's expected to only be available on a lease basis in places where there is some hydrogen availability such as California. The original FCX in 2003 was the f