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Honda unveiled what is expected to be their next-generation hybrid vehicle in October at the Tokyo Motor Show in the shape of the CR-Z coupe. The CR-Z is a twenty-first century successor to the old Civic base CR-X coupe now powered by Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system. The CR-Z will make its North American debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month. The CR-Z is expected to go into production as soon as 2009.

Hybrid car shoppers will have more choices than ever before in 2009 when Honda releases their new Prius fighter and the CR-Z hybrid sports car. Toyota has also publicly said that their next-generation Prius will go on sale in '09. Honda hopes to sell 100,000 of their dedicated hybrid family sedan in North America, and hopes to double that number when worldwide sales are tallied. Details remain sketchy, but as we've reported before, the CR-Z model is separate from their hybrid family sedan. They

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/design/Honda_CR_Z_hybrid_concept_unveiled_at_Tokyo_Motor_Show_Live_Pics'; Just earlier today we brought you a story about Honda's new dedicated hybrid model, which would be a more mainstream attempt than the Insight was. Will that model be Honda's CR-Z concept car which was just revealed in Tokyo? Ostensibly a replacement for the now defunct, but much loved, CRX model, the CR-Z adds a hybrid drivetrain to that car's proven formula. Although the Insight was neve

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/hardware/Tokyo_cute_car_overload_Honda_Puyo_wants_to_kiss_you'; Is anyone else detecting a distinctly bizarre theme to the vehicles that will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month? I mean, we've got a four-wheeled motorcycle, Yamaha's Tesseract, the R2-D2 co-pilot in Nissan's Pivo 2, and now, hmm, we have the Honda Puyo. Honda is also offering the sweet-looking lightweight gas-electric hybrid called the CR-Z, which you can see after the jump. For n