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Aerocivic and its aesthetically-challenged modifications strikes again!

When most people think of a custom Honda Civic, clear lenses on the tail lamps, a lowered suspension and a big 'ole coffee-can exhaust pipe probably come to mind. When Mike Turner set out to design his own custom Civic, though, the only thing that his vision shared with most others is an esthetically-challenged body kit. In the case of the Aerocivic, the homemade body kit in question extends the nose and tail of the vehicle in an airfoil shape of sorts and adds hinged wheel skirts around the pre

Honda Civic Tour featuring Panic At The Disco has begun

We've been over the Civic Hybrid which was decorated by Panic At The Disco before, along with the dates and locations where fans of the band (or the car) can pick up the associated tour. Therefore, this is just a friendly reminder that the tour itself started on Friday, April 10

Natural-gas-powered Civic sold out at dealers until June

You might not know it, but the Honda Civic GX is immensely popular these days. You couldn't get one of these compressed natural gas-powered cars is you wanted one, according to Green Car Advisor over at Edmonds. The best you could do is put their name on a waiting list that currently will get you a GX around June (only Honda dealers in California and New York sell the Civic GX to normal customers).

Honda offering flex-fuel Civic and Fit... in Brazil only

Honda doesn't offer any flex-fuel vehicles in North America or Europe, focusing on hybrids and, in the near future, diesels instead in these markets. This doesn't mean they are ignoring ethanol altogether. The biggest market for ethanol is in Brazil where drivers have been using sugar-cane ethanol since at least the early 1980s. Honda is now offering flex-fuel versions of both the Civic and Fit in the Brazilian market and, unlike US FFVs, they are optimized to run on E100 which is unavailable as

Honda Civic hybrid could be headed for India

Honda announced today that it is speaking with officials in India about regulations that will allow gas-electric hybrids - i.e., the Honda Civic hybrid - to be sold in that country. Reuters is reporting that India could be a great market for hybrids, because "Indian drivers are some of the most fuel- and cost-conscious in the world, and are increasingly choosing diesel-powered cars over gasoline due to their s