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Honda lets us 'drive' the FCEV; PHEV with 40-mile EV range

There's Almost Too Much To Learn At The 2015 Honda Meeting

We visit Honda's R&D Center in Utsunomiya, Japan and learn as much as we can about the upcoming fuel cell vehicle, plug-in hybrid and more.

Honda delays hydrogen fuel cell sedan, debuts new concept

FCEV Now Arriving In March 2016

Instead of hosting the world debut of the production version of its hydrogen fuel cell sedan at the LA Auto Show this coming week, Honda decided to debut the vehicle in Japan today. And, it's not the production version that was shown off, it was an evolved concept. And, instead of coming in 2015, as p

Video: LA Times tries out the latest Honda home hydrogen station

Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda unveils new solar-powered hydrogen generating and fueling station

Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery

Canadian Olympic hockey team captain gets Honda FCX Clarity

The latest lessee of one of Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell sedans is Scott Niedermayer. As captain of both the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL and the Canadian Olympic hockey team, Niedermayer is the first athlete to get one of the hydrogen-powered Hondas. The hockey star currently lives in Orange County near Los Angeles, making him eligible

SAE 2009: Honda's fuel cell friendly exhibit

It's no secret that Honda - even with a new and popular hybrid, the Insight, on the market - doesn't see a bright future for plug-in vehicles. Nope, the Japanese automaker is all about hydrogen, as the company's booth at the SAE World Congress made abundantly clear. There was an Insight on display, as were Sebastian Blanco

Honda's next big moves: new hybrid and third-gen fuel cell

Two big announcements from Honda recently concerning what the company has in store for the future. As we noted yesterday, the company says ethanol is not efficient, and doesn't see the biofuel as part of its future strategy. So, what is? A new hybrid in, maybe, 2009, and third-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.