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Honda has fired up a website for its Fit Shuttle. The Japanese-market Fit Shuttle clearly resembles Honda's standard subcompact Fit, but features some added glass beyond the hatchback's C-pillar, which means more cubes of storage space inside. The Fit Shuttle wagon will feature both a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a 1.3-liter IMA hybrid, both of which are yanked directly from the standard Japanese-market Fit and Fit Hybrid hatchback.

The Honda Fit is a hatchback that has so much interior space that it approaches small wagon status. Heck, if Honda's little B-Segment five door were just a bit longer or if its backlight were a little bit more vertical, we'd say it was a wagon. According to a report on Carscoop a vehicle with just such a description may be on the way, as an alleged leaked brochure of a Japanese market model suggests that the Fit has been stretched for even more cargo room.