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Spy shots of Honda's upcoming Prius-fighting hybrid model have come and gone and we still haven't had our fill of guessing what the new model will look like. We've heard that the new non-Insight will bear a resemblance to Honda's hydrogen-consuming FCX Clarity and we can certainly tell that it will have a certain Prius-esque look to its profile - all in the name of aerodynamics, of course. Armed with all of this information, the scribes at Japan's Best Car have come up with a rendering of the ne

What looks like a Prius, sips gas like a Prius, comes from Japan like a Prius... but isn't a Prius? That would be Honda's upcoming dedicated hybrid (which this particular blogger thinks should be called the Insight, but won't be). We are expecting the production version of the new model, of which we have seen these spy shots, to debut this October in the City of Lights, Paris. Thanks to the use of a refined and less-costly version of Honda Integrated Motor Assist along with a 1.3-liter gas-burne