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Driving a HUMMER in Japan seems about as practical as piloting an Chevy Kodiak in the urban canyons of Manhattan. It's just not optimal. Solution? Take Honda's pint-sized pillbox on wheels, the Crossroad, and HUMMERize it. That's what Okada Enterprise (Motto: "We supplied high quality cars") has gone and done for Japanese drivers looking to add more macho to their micro. That is, if macho means a HUMMER-style grille, abundant chrome trim, gaudy wheels, and (our favorite) a backwards-reading "HUM

Remember when we all wasted an afternoon trying to guess what car Honda was trotting around the streets L.A.? Good times, good times. The small CUV captured on camera by an Autoblog reader turned out to be the new Honda Crossroad the automaker officially unveiled just yesterday. Thanks to Carscoop, we know now what it was they were making in L.A. that day: a two-minute long promotional video pimping the new Crossroad. The video isn't revolutionary, rather standard marketing fluff centered around