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At the SIA (French Automotive Engineers Society) Congress in Rouen, France this week, Delphi will be presenting information on its latest-generation direct fuel injection and control systems for diesel engines. Delphi produces both electromagnetic servo injectors and the more advanced piezo-electric injectors. For the latest editions of both systems, Delphi has bumped the maximum operating pressures from the 2,000 BAR level that has been used in the last few years up to 2,400 BAR (34,800 psi). T

Last March at the Geneva Motor Show, Lotus announced its new Omnivore research engine. The Omnivore is a two-stroke direct injected engine designed to take advantage of the latest in electronic engine management to allow it to run on just about any liquid fuel (hence the name). In the time since the initial announcement, the boffins at Lotus Engineering have been exercising their creation on the dyno stand to evaluate the performance.

At their annual award ceremony, British magazine AutoCar singled out the Mercedes-Benz DiesOtto engine concept for recognition. The DiesOtto is a turbocharged homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine. It first appeared in the F700 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. HCCI runs essentially as a diesel engine under certain operating conditions but runs on gasoline and produces far fewer emissions than a diesel without expensive after-treatment systems. The 1.8L engine pro

If you happen to listen to the AutoblogGreen podcast, you already know how we feel about the potential of HCCI engine technology. If you don't listen to our podcast, (first of all, why not?) you can learn about the new engine type in our entire category dedicated to HCCI. Being that this is a new technology, not much is filed away under that HCCI tag though, so you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about. If that's the case, consider heading over to GM's FYI blog where they have a prime