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Mysterious Dutch billionaire behind Spyker's renewed Saab bid?

Saab: A history in pictures – click above for high-res gallery

VIDEO: Awesome Mobility ReCharge concept is awesome!

While a future with electric cars on the roads seems quite certain now, the charging infrastructure being put in place is mostly of the slow variety. For those in a hurry, though, help may be on the way. The Deflt University of Technology in Holland seems to be spawning Domenick Yoney

GPS system for bicyclists

A common charge car drivers hurl at GPS systems is that they're unnecessary for anyone with maps and the brains to use them. But what about cyclists using unfamiliar bike lanes? The Dutch cyclists union ENFB has started a volunteer effort to map the numerous bike lanes for GPS, many of which are inaccessible by cars and thus not used by navigation companies like Navteq. States project leader Kees Bakker, "This is really a Dutch problem. Other countries have very few dedicated bike lanes and in t