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Tour champ Chris Froome thrown from bike in hit-and-run

"Just got rammed on purpose by an impatient driver."

Car turns in its own driver for hit-and-run

A woman in Florida could have escaped prosecution for the accidents she caused last week. But then her Ford vehicle called the cops on her.

Good Samaritans lift car off of hit-and-run victim

Strangers came to an elderly man's rescue in the Bronx over the weekend after he was dragged under a car by a hit-and-run driver.

Watch a bus driver block escape of hit-and-run driver

There has been plenty of debate about whether bicyclists should be able to take up a lane typically reserved for motor vehicles. While that argument is far from settled, we can all agree that hit-and-run accidents between cars and bikes have got to stop.

Crazy hit-and-run on UK police car captured by dashcam

Police in Surrey, England had a close call recently. A driver in a BMW ran what looks to be a roadblock, striking a Volvo police car before coming to a stop against a traffic barrier. An officer standing at the rear of the patrol vehicle was also struck and thrown as a result of the collision. Miraculously, the policeman not only appears to have escaped harm,