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This is why you always talk to your Uber driver

Holy crap, it's the "You've got mail" voice!

You've got a ride.

Mary Barra was considered as Hillary Clinton's vice president pick

GM CEO was just one of several business leaders listed.

While it'd be bad news for GM, having an automotive leader in the vice president's office would be an exciting prospect for the rest of us.

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The Beast 2.0: What the 2016 presidential election winner will ride in

Either Trump or Clinton will get very familiar with this limo.

Which candidate will be in the back seat?

‚ÄčThe UAW likely to back Clinton, not Trump, for President

Moving factory jobs to low-wage states is a deal-breaker for the union.

It's not an endorsement of Clinton, but it is a vote of no confidence for Trump.

Hillary Clinton's Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera is for sale

Seller says the Ciera was the last car the presidential hopeful has driven.

What would you pay for a 1986 Cutlass Ciera? What about one with a very famous owner?

Clinton vows to rework trade agreements affecting auto industry

Bernie Sanders counters that Clinton doesn't go far enough.

While campaigning in Ohio, Hillary Clinton said it's time to rework trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The car you drive predicts your favorite presidential candidate

Asking 10,000 people what car they drive and who they like for president yields some interesting results. Did you know Toyota Prius owners like Ted Cruz?

Clinton's energy plan puts renewable energy in every home by 2027

Democratic Presidential Nominee Candidate Aims High In Green Energy Plan

Hillary Clinton laid out elements of a sweeping plan Monday that would see every US home powered by renewable energy by 2027.

NYC mayor de Blasio says no to Uber's call to debate

Ridehailing App, Sharing Economy Rapidly Becoming Political

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio will not debate with Uber, saying that he doesn't do that with private corporations. Elsewhere, Uber is fast becoming political.

Employee or contractor? Uber, Lyft jobs to get clarification

US Labor Department To Weigh In

The US Labor Department is taking up the question of whether or not people who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft are contract workers or not.

Hillary Clinton going back to ethanol in Iowa

Democratic Hopeful Called 'Extremely Receptive' On Renewable Fuels

Hillary Clinton was reportedly 'extremely receptive' when asked about biofuels in a private meeting with ethanol supporters.

US Presidents have owned a lot of interesting cars and trucks

Hillary Clinton's Van, LBJ's Amphicar, Reagan's Subaru Brat And More

The President of the United States doesn't drive anywhere these days. But that doesn't mean presidents or presidential hopefuls don't have interesting cars.

Hillary Clinton takes to campaign trail in a van called Scooby

Hillary Clinton is officially a presidential hopeful for 2016. She has already started campaigning around Iowa in a Chevy Express conversion van with the nickname Scooby.

NADA angers some by choosing Hillary Clinton as convention keynote speaker

Automotive News is reporting a serious backlash from car dealers regarding the North American Dealers Association's choice of keynote speaker for the annual industry confab in January: former first lady and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

14 female U.S. senators call on Saudi Arabia to lift female driving ban

The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is a tenuous one. For better or worse, it usually involves the American government siding with the Saudi royal family – arguably at the expense of the people over which the latter rule. But this time, the roles have changed, with U.S. lawmakers taking up a cause championed by social activists on the street (quite literally) against the nation's historically conservative gove

Obama: Clinton made a "major reversal" on ethanol

Barack Obama says that now that Hillary Clinton has changed from an anti-ethanol position to one supporting ethanol in her new energy plan, she might switch back under pressure. Here's what he said:

Hillary Clinton calls for 55 MPG fleet average by 2030

Calling for higher fuel economy standards will be a hallmark of the 2008 presidential elections, mark our words. Politicians used to shy away from the issue, knowing that while the act of improving fuel economy might be popular with the people, automakers themselves would resist. Each democratic candidate is calling for increased federal fuel economy standards, but Hillary Clinton topped most today during a speech in Iowa when she called for national fleetwide average of 55 MPG by 2030.

Senator Clinton pushes ethanol, calls for creation of "Strategic Energy Fund"

In an address to the National Press Club Tuesday, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) jumped on the ethanol bandwagon, calling for a massive expansion of the U.S. ethanol distribution infrastructure to reach half of the nation's gas stations by 2015, aided by a 50-percent tax credit for station owners installing ethanol pumps.