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In the last couple of weeks, Toyota has gotten most of the attention when it comes to fuel economy proposals in Congress, but other car-makers are having their say, too. Like pretty much every other major manufacturer, Chrysler is coming out in support of the House of Representatives' Hill-Terry bill. Chrysler's main beef with the Senate proposal to raise the standard to 35 mpg is the fact that the current distinction between standards for cars and trucks would be eliminated under the senate bi

Hot on the heels of Tom Friedman's indictment of Toyota in the New York Times, the company has responded. Friedman was critical of Toyota's support of the Hill-Terry fuel economy bill along with all the other big automakers. Toyota's VP of Communications Irv Miller has used his podium at the Open Road Blog to defend Toyota's position and he sounds an awful lot like Bob Lutz while doing so.

For most of this decade, Toyota has been the darling of the environmentalists (if such a thing is possible for a car company) due primarily to the Prius and the addition of the company's hybrid system to their other models. That honeymoon seems to be rapidly coming to an end. Increasingly in recent months, people have been critical of Toyota's bigger, more powerful hybrids, in particular the new LS600h. And then there is the Tundra. Toyota themselves over the past month have been sounding incre