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Obama outlines high-speed rail plan for U.S.

President Obama today outlined a plan to build regional high-speed rail routes in the United States. Cross-country trips will still be conducted best in a plane or as a road trip, but options to go from Detroit to Chicago, for example, would include the new trains that can go up to 110 mph. The regional routes include a Chicago Hub, a California corridor (Sacramento and San Francisco down past LA), and a southeast corridor (DC down to Florida). There's a map of the proposed routes and all 10 reg

Pininfarina contracted to overhaul Eurostar chunnel train

Unless you've got access to a continent-gobbling exotic GT and an immunity to speeding tickets, everyone who's ever traveled Europe knows that the preferred way of getting around the Old World is via train. (Heck, even us car-crazed nuts here at Autoblog take the train for European auto shows.) But for one high-speed train service, the experience is about to get a little bit more... automotive.

California voters approve $10 billion for high speed train

California, say hello to the bullet train. In the big election America held on Tuesday, one transportation-related measure that passed was California's Proposition 1A, named the "Safe, Reliable High Speed Passenger Train Bond Act." Its passage means that almost $10 billion in bond money was approved for an electric train route that will connect San Francisco and Sacramento with Southern California (LA and down to San Diego). Clean transportation advocates are pretty thrilled with the vote, calli

Drop the family at Disney, take MagLev to Vegas

Gamblers with families might start humming "It's a small world after all" if plans for a high-speed maglev train between Disneyland and Las Vegas continues to go forward. The "technical corrections" legislation that was recently passed freed up $42 million from a 2005 transportation bill to go towards an environmental study of the first leg of the project. The train, moving at speeds of up to 310 mph while levitating on a magnetic field, would make short work and a smooth ride of the 4 hours it