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It will be the most fuel-efficient and most aerodynamic production car in the world

After beginning life as a concept way back in 2002, the Volswagen XL1 will finally become a production car. But not just any production car. When the XL1 hits the roads, it will become the most fuel-efficient and aerodynamic car in the world.

After hinting at doing so for a couple of years, Gordon Murray has finally revealing his new T.25 city car at an event at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, England. The 1,212-pound car is just over four feet wide, less than eight feet long and seats three adults in a 1+2 layout. Like Murray's McLaren F1, the driver sits front and center and the passengers sit behind on either side.

I've observed with mild amusement the recent spate of stories in the mainstream media about fuel saving. Maybe you have too.