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Dearborn mayor blocks article about Henry Ford's anti-Semitism

Move backfires, brings broad exposure to piece in city's historical magazine

Move backfires, brings broad exposure to piece in city's historical magazine.

Ford seeks a different kind of green in reusing Michigan plant

High hopes for Ranger and Bronco profits from historic factory

Automaker hopes that Ranger and Bronco production will boost its bottom line.

Elon Musk's plan to take Tesla private isn't crazy. Just ask Henry Ford

A similar drama played out 100 years ago

Idea to take automaker private echoes the passion of Henry Ford.

Henry Ford's 33' classic boat Evangeline is for sale in Monterey

The woman for whom it is named sounds even more interesting than the boat.

A tribute to William Clay Ford

The passing of William Clay Ford has been a big event for the company he spent most of his life helping run. Ford spent 57 years working for his family's company. Considering the Blue Oval has been around for over 100 years, WCF's passing is the end of an era for the Dearborn-based manufacturer.

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The history of biofuels goes back 300 years

While the history of electric vehicles has been getting a lot of play lately, biofuels have quite a story to tell as well. Hemmings Daily just featured a brief history overview that's full of surprises – one is that biofuels date back more than 300 years, well before any real internal combustion engines.

Ford scion invests in Masabi, makers of public transportation ticket app

If you've ever wanted to joke about something that would make Henry Ford roll over in his grave, this could be the time. The automaker's founder's great-grandson appears to be staking some of his financial future on train tickets.

Bill Ford Jr. brings oldest surviving Ford back into family fold

We're quickly approaching the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford's birth, and the company he founded is celebrating in a number of ways. Great-grandson Bill Ford Jr. did his part by purchasing the oldest known Ford vehicle, a 1903 Model A, and returning it to its birthplace.

Oldest remaining Ford is up for sale... yet again

For the third time in five years, the oldest known surviving Ford is for sale. The red, meticulously restored, 1903 Ford Model A is one of Ford Motor Company's first three cars ever produced and over the past 109 years, has had only five owners.

Ford to celebrate 110 years of racing heritage at SEMA

On this day in 1901, Henry Ford took his home-built race car named "Sweepstakes" and entered a 10-mile race at the Detroit Driving Club against the favored Alexander Winton. Ford ended up winning the race and the victory garnered attention from investors that would help launch the Ford Motor Company just a couple of years later. Since that first race, Ford has achieved a multitude of successes in a variety of motorsports including wins at the Daytona 500, Indy 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Baja 1000

More on The Henry Ford

In episode 6.1, Translogic took a trip to The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, to see if old school technology offers any insight into the future of the automobile. Looking to the past to understand the future may seem counterintuitive but the museum's collection is so comprehensive, many exhibits show just how forward-thinking industrialists of past really were. A perfect example is the experimental, lightweight Pierce-Arrow from 1925 that's on display. Built in cooperation with aluminum prod

Early Ford Model T factory may become a museum but needs your help

The Ford Model T was a game-changer, allowing middle-class America to finally afford a horseless carriage. As the public began taking to the roads in greater numbers, our nation began its transformation into a modern motoring society.

REPORT: 15% of Tata Nano reservations being cancelled due to slow fill rate

Tata Nano Europa in Geneva – click above for high-res image gallery

Meet 29-year-old Henry Ford III, the next scion in line for the crown

Ford Motor Company is a publicly traded company with a catch: the Ford family permanently holds 40% of the company's voting shares. That means the Ford family has an awful lot of pull, and if someone carrying the family name wants a job, there's a 100% chance they're going to get one.

Henry Ford disputed as father of mass production

Henry Ford's historical standing as the father of mass production has come under fire by a new paper published by Dr. Paul Nieuwenhuis and Dr. Pete Wells of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at the Cardiff Business School. The paper posits that Philadelphian Edward G. Budd (shown at right) first implemented the use of the pressed steel car body and mass production. The doctors don't dispute the fact that Ford was responsible for developing mass production of certain mechanical componen

American automakers may be about to get burned by high fuel costs

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday and he told me he's getting ready to trade in his 9-mpg truck for a more economical car. He spends about $120 a week on gas as he commutes to work and he's had it. Turns out, he's not alone.

Mark Fields: Ford is inclusive

Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford may have been associated with anti-semitism, but Ford exec Mark Fields told a congregation of Jewish business leaders that he encountered no discrimination as he rose through the ranks at the company. In fact Fields said in answer to a question from a member of the audience that he was amazed at everything Ford does to promote diversity among the ranks of its employees, from a strong interfaith support network to an environment that supports inclusions of al

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