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Maine patrolman saves a speeder's life

If speed kills, then the logical conclusion would be that police pulling over speeders are saving lives. Whether you accept that premise or not, however, one patrolman in Maine actually did save a man's life when he stopped him for breaking the speed limit.

Traffic Stop Saves Man's Life

A medical emergency didn't get one driver out of a warning for speeding

A man in Kennebunk, Maine says he's lucky he was pulled over for speeding this past weekend. The traffic stop likely saved his life.

Relax, electric-drive vehicles play nice with pacemakers, defibrillators

For out there who's freaked out that the electromagnetic waves from a hybrid or plug-in vehicle will throw off pacemakers and cause heart attacks, go ahead and breathe easy: that ain't gonna happen.

Need another reason to buy cleaner vehicles? How about a lower risk of heart attacks

Breathing in traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack up to six hours after exposure, according to research published by the British Medical Journal.

Study: Diesel particulates cause... heart attacks?

In what might be considered one of the worst bits of info related to diesel engines, medical researchers at the University of Edinburgh say that chemical particles (aka particulates) exiting the tailpipe of diesel-fueled vehicles can significantly increase the risk of heart attack in otherwise healthy adults.

Study: ultrafine particles in diesel fumes can cause heart attacks

Tiny chemical particles emitted by diesel fumes could raise the risk of heart attacks, research has shown. Scientists have found that ultrafine particles produced when diesel burns are harmful to blood vessels and can increase the chances of blood clots forming in arteries, leading to a heart attack or stroke.