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Cadillac emphasizes sportiness, 'engaging driving dynamics' of upcoming ELR

Cadillac is mounting big-old 20-inch wheels on its 2014 ELR extended-range plug-in that is debuting early next year, but the General Motors division is doing a lot more than that to make sure the 4,000-pound car stays steady on the road.

Tesla Model S suspension getting potential upgrade

You can't say those Tesla Motors guys take any challenges sitting down.

Why the Lexus GX may be rollover-prone (and the 4Runner isn't)

The latest blow to the formerly sterling reputation of Toyota came this week when Consumer Repor

New Tesla blog entry on developing the handling of an electric supercar

Over at the Tesla blog, PR Director David Vespremi has a new post on developing the driving dynamics of the Roadster. Clearly the team responsible for creating this little animal are car nuts with a heart of green. While they have set out to create a car with zero emissions they have decided that the best way to actually build a business that can do that for the long haul is to make sure those cars actually appeal to drivers. Only time will te

Ford opens the Dearborn Development Center

As part of Ford Motor Company's Way Forward plan, the automaker has transformed its Dearborn Proving Grounds facility into the new Dearborn Development Center - a $43M renovation that allows for thorough physical testing of a vehicle's performance and durability.