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Renault and Nissan are among the businesses affected by massive ransomeware attack

Experts warn WannaCry could spread as people return to work on Monday.

Renault halted manufacturing at plants in France, and Romania to prevent the spread of ransomware in its systems, and a Nissan manufacturing plant in Sunderland, northeast England was also affected.

SF Muni ransomware hack meant free rides last weekend

The hacker, who wanted $73,000 in bitcoin, was hacked back.

A ransomware attack by a hacker left Muni keeping its turnstiles open for free rides on Saturday.

In the world of automotive bug bounties, GM and Tesla take divergent roads

Tesla has paid out 159 bounties, but we don't know how much money.

Everyone's being mysterious.

Hackers stole Jeeps in Texas using FCA's internal dealer software

Using DealerCONNECT, thieves reprogrammed each stolen vehicle's security codes.

After entering the vehicle identification number, hackers used FCA's DealerCONNECT to reprogram the cars' security systems to accept generic keys.

Uber launches bug bounty program that pays hackers to find security issues

The ride hailing company is working with HackerOne on this project.

Uber will pay you $10,000 if you find a critical safety bug in its software. Get hacking.

Hackers send 'unexplained' orders to German Patriot missile battery

Unknown hackers carried out a cyber attack on a German Patriot missile battery, and may have actually been able to take control of the system.

BMW Hack: the auto industry's big cyber-security warning sign [w/video]

Remote Nature Of Attack Is A Worrisome Landmark

A cyber-security hole that left more than two million BMWs vulnerable may be the most serious breach the auto industry has faced in its emerging fight against car hackers.

BMW's Connected Drive feature vulnerable to hackers

Automaker Fixing Security Hole With Over-The-Air Updates

BMW is working to fix a cyber-security flaw that has left 2.2 million vehicles worldwide vulnerable to hackers.

Automakers Ask For Extensions On Questions About Cyber Security

Automakers asked for extentions to deal with questions from Sen. Ed Markey

A U.S. senator who wants to know how carmakers intend to thwart automotive cyber hackers will wait a little longer for answers.

Tesla Model S vulnerable to hackers?

Next time you walk by a parked Tesla and its sunroof is opening and closing with nobody sitting inside or around it, you could be witnessing a hacker moment. For all of its strengths as a car, the Model S reportedly has a weak spot: the security of its API (application programming interface) authentication, according to an Damon Lowney

Hackers Show Off How They Can Take Over Your Car

You'll be surprised to see what they can control from the back seat

About a month ago, we here at AOL Autos told you about the new department the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set up to deal with the potential that hackers can get into your car's computer system and take it over.

Watch how hackers can take control of your car

When meeting a duo of computer hackers for the very first time, we imagine hearing the words "We want to convince you that we can hurt you – without hurting you," is bound to release the hounds of anxiety upon your mental makeup. At least, it would ours. And it's those words, uttered by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek to Forbes staff reporter Andy Greenberg, that introduce us to the reality that modern-day cars can indeed be hacked.

Jeep Twitter account hacked

Bad language, poor grammar and some hilarity ensue

Just a day after Burger King's Twitter account was compromised by "unauthorized users," Jeep's social media feed has been similarly hacked. Both instances of digital incursion share some similarities – the BK hackers changed the company's logo for McDonald's familiar golden arches, saying a sale had occurred, while the Seyth Miersma

Hackers bring down Big Oil's computers at Saudi Aramco

Computer hackers have moved beyond the U.S. military to cyber attack another enemy: Big Oil.

Anonymous hacks official F1 website ahead of Bahrain GP

The group of hackers known as Anonymous issued a press release last night announcing their intent to hack and take down the official website for Formula One at formulaone.com for the duration of the Bahrain Grand Pri

Honda Canada owner database hacked, 283,000 customers at risk

Reuters is reporting that personal information from more than 283,000 Honda Canada customers has been stolen by cyber criminals. The data includes names, addresses, vehicle identification numbers and, most importantly, some financing account information.