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2008 Hummer HX Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

We tried to get it going for last week, but John had violence visited upon his mouth which reduced him to saying "Spibit?" We're back on the podcast horse this week for Autoblog Podcast #82, though. We start off proceedings with the teaser pic of the Chevy Volt, which then takes us to a wider-ranging split-grille vs. three bar smackdown. Speaking of teasing pictures, the 2009 Dodge Ram showed up on the internets, and it turns out that Chrysler broke their own embargo by mistake. Whoops. Official

HUMMER's general manager, Martin Walsh, has put all the speculation about the long-rumored HUMMER H4 to rest, telling those assembled at a dealer conference that the truck will be shown in concept form in January at NAIAS as the HUMMER HX. The HX will become the H4, which is set to arrive in 2010 as a 2011 model. After giving up the details, Walsh then showed the dealers the actual HX concept. According to descriptions given to the website Hummer Guy, the 2-door, 4-seat HX rides on a shorter whe

One of the more common complaints about the GMT355-based trucks (Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Hummer H3) is their lack of power. When the H3 debuted, there were rumblings of the 5.3L V8 being slid into its butched-to-the-max bodywork. Unfortunately, someone forgot to measure the transmission. It turns out the V8 with the 6-speed automatic will not fit, and that's the combo the General desires to offer in their smallest trucks. To accomplish that goal, the GMT-355 platform is reportedly going

Among the many showstoppers General Motors has planned for the North American International Auto Show in January, its military-inspired off-road brand HUMMER will be unveiling an H4 concept. The oft rumored H4 will be smaller than the successful H3 SUV that's currently driving HUMMER sales and will be slated to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. While the H3 is built on the same platform as the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickups, we don't yet know what will underpin the H3. AutoWeek sou

Automotive News is reporting that a "new Hummer truck" will be launched sometime in 2009. HUMMER's general manager Martin Walsh claims the vehicle will have "unparalleled off-road capabilities" and be "recognizable from a distance." AN is a bit ambiguous referring to the new product as a "Hummer truck" in that we're not entirely sure whether the outlet is talking about a traditional pickup with a bed or referring to the new product as a truck in general though it could have a traditional SUV sha

The design of the horizontally-opposed engine has a myriad of benefits. One of the most common is its compact design, which allows the center of gravity to be lower in the host vehicle. Additionally, since the boxer's pistons cancel out much of the vibration, the rotational balance is second to none. Both of these advantages will lend themselves to the advent of the first boxer diesel, which will find a home within a variety of Subaru models in Europe and possible even here in the States.

Analyst Rebecca Lindland from Global Insight Inc. is going on the record saying it's likely General Motors will cancel the Trailblazer (SS model shown) after the current model ends its run around 2010. Its replacement would emerge in the form of the Hummer H4, which would fill the role of GM's smallest body-on-frame SUV. Chevrolet will receive a new unibody SUV (or CUV?) at that time, perhaps a version of the Opel Antera that's crossing the sea to join Saturn's lineup in the near future.