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Over the past decade, most of the world's major automakers have expended a lot research dollars and engineering resources on developing vehicles that burn hydrogen. While advocates like the idea of using hydrogen as an energy carrier because it's the most abundant element in the known universe and it can be used without emitting toxic or greenhouse gas emissions (disregarding, for the moment, any emissions from producing the hydrogen), not everyone agrees on how to use it. There are two basic ap

Ford is really playing in all the alternative energy fields these days. They just had a big announcement (or a small one depending on how you figure it) about plug-in hybrids and said these PHEVs should be ready in 5-10 years. Ford was also proud of its Fusion 999 racer, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Aside from biofuels, what's left? hydrogen-powered ICEs. And guess what? Ford recently said this engine, which has been tested for a while in E-450 Hydrogen shuttle buses, will soon be ready for

In the middle of July, Ford started building the world's first hydrogen internal combustion engine vans for customer purchase. Yesterday, the company delivered the first of three H2ICE vans to Canada's Parliament in Ottawa. The E-450 shuttle vans feature a supercharged 6.8-liter V-10 engine and have near-zero emissions (out of the tailpipe, at least. The production of hydrogen is not so clean). Three gasoline-powered vans are being retired from service at the Parliament in exchange, and seven mo

Ford's gone and done it. The company announced yesterday that they would be the first in the world to offer customers hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles. The H2ICE (Ford's name for the hydrogen ICE) will be a supercharged 6.8-liter V-10 that powers E-450 shuttle buses and will be available later this year. The company's assembly line started rolling yesterday to get the buses ready. Ford's announcement says that the H2ICE "can also be easily hybridized for further gains in fuel efficie

It's got a name that could belong to an early '90s rapper and is the latest sign of the hydrogen economy that's coming any year now. But the H2ICE is actually the name of the Ford Motor Company's commercial hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine, which will find its way into a fleet eight E-450 shuttle buses this month in Florida.

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