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Representatives from Ronn Motor Company just announced they will be going to China this summer to show off their H2GO hydrogen injection system. The system is used in the Scorpion "green" supercar (above) and will also be used by RBX Management Corp. on two 18-wheel semi trucks in the near future. The two trucks will start using Ronn's GPS tracking system this week as part of a 30-day data collecting period. Once the month is over, the trucks will be fitted with the H2GO system, which is suppose

Ronn Motor Company Scorpion - Click above for a high-res gallery

Who says fuel cell cars are years away? Okay, everyone. But fuel cells toy cars are here today! Recently, we told you about the toy maker Corgi making a new fuel cell toy car designed by the legendary Luigi Colani. Now, we have a picture of the car, H2Go, thanks to Toyology. There are several fuel cell toy cars currently on the market and even a remote control toy. The best looking is the H-Racer but it's not remote control. The remote control H-Cell costs $1,500 and is really a "Hobby Integrati