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Today's Lexus is brought to you by the letter "H" - new hybrid advertising campaign

Offsetting the GX and LX opulence-filled 'Utes posessed of large mass, Lexus has trotted out an advertising blitz focusing on its Hybrid vehicles. The campaign, which imagines a world without "H," points out that Lexus has had hybrid cars and SUVs on the road since 2004. The new campaign is titled "the power of h" and features television spots, print spreads, and other media that depicts an environment where H has given up all other pursuits for a post in the Lexus Hybrid revolution. It's clever

Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new TV ads, don't mention features of hybrids

I was watching Lost on ABC last night and caught a TV commercial for the Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new ad campaign. The spot actually had nothing to do with hybrids, it (you can watch it for yourself below) was all about missing letters of h, somehow gone from key boards, news papers, etc. The only way you would know it was a commercial about hybrids, cars even, was the last few seconds of the commercial: the letter h has found a better place in the Lexus hybrid moniker. Call me crazy but why n

London chooses American buses for hydrogen fleet

London was one of the first cities to use fuel-cell buses provided by Daimler, as consequence of the CUTE (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) pilot program a few years ago. Ken Livingstone, London's mayor, has decided that the program was satisfactory enough and has ordered the purchase of new vehicles, with a target of five percent of city vehicles running on Hydrogen by 2015.