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Reinking: electric cars "could threaten some manufacturers' survival"

Electric vehicle pessimist – or realist, depending on your POV – Guido Reinking is back with another critical look at EVs. Earlier this year, Reinking wrote that it'll take 15 more years for electric cars to become widespread; this time his target is explaining how EVs hurt the auto industry as a whole. Here's how he comes to that conclusion:

Automobilwoche editor: widespread electric cars will take 15 more years

The long wait for the electric car (remember, they've been "just around the corner" for over 100 years) will continue. That's the verdict of Automobilwoche editor Guido Reinking, who wrote an article this week that predicted that we won't be getting serious numbers of electric cars on the road until, get this, 2025. All of the fancy prototypes, he says, won't mean squat until consume

Tesla Roadsters reportedly experience glitches during Euro test drives

Ever since Tesla Motors started letting outsiders actually drive the Roadster late last year the reviews of the over-the-road experience have been largely favorable. In recent months, Tesla has been taking the Roadster on a European tour trying to drum up sales on the continent. One of the people who drove the Roadster was Guido Reinking, editor of Automobilewoche. Reinking praised the perf

Guido Reinking: Germany should Just Say No to a CO2 tax

What makes the most sense to encourage sensible and environmental driving habits in Germany while not punishing people who buy high-end cars? Guido Reinking, the editor of Automobilwoche, writes in Automotive News (subs req'd) that vehicles should not be taxed when sold/bought, but that each liter of fuel should be stuck with a higher levy. Reinking writes: