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Late last week we pointed you to the Guardian's report on a letter that the Royal Society wrote to ExxonMobil demanding that the oil company stop funding organizations that undermine the theory of global warming. I quite wasn't sure just how Exxon would parry the blow, but now that we have the response I'm not entirely surprised. It essentially lacks any sort of substance.

Back in January, syndicated columnist and environmentalist George Monbiot wrote an article for the Guardian arguing that the inherent flaws in carbon offset schemes will end up doing more harm than good. Last Monday, Tom Morton, the managing director of Climate Care (a British carbon offset organization), wrote a response to Monbiot's claims in the blog section of the Guardian.

The automobiles that politicians in the United Kingdom are driving (or not driving, in the case of the fellow who is going to some campaign stops on the Underground) are making headlines as election season heats up and opponents try to out-green the way they get around.