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China's automakers finally poised to sell cars in U.S., Europe

"We have in the Western world an outrageous arrogance. We think we're ahead. It's going to change."

"We have in the Western world an outrageous arrogance. We think we're ahead. It's going to change."

Chevy Sail 3 lands in China

Shanghai General Motors took 32 cars to this year's Guangzhou Motor Show, with its Chevrolet Sail 3 leading the way. After putting almost 1.4 million of them into Chinese hands, the third generation of the Bowtie's entry-level sedan wants to "take the nameplate and the segment to a new level." Its new architecture sporting a 1.4-inch longer wheelbase supports a growth spurt of two inches in length and 1.8 inches in width. The exterior al

GM officially unveils Sail Springo EV at China auto show

First, we thought it was going to be called the Sail EV. Then we thought it'd be the Springo EV. Now we know that the first electric vehicle developed by Shanghai General Motors, the partnership between GM and SAIC, will officially be called the Sail Springo EV. So, that's settled.

Fiat taking Chrysler production back to China within four years

As recently as two years ago Chrysler and Chery were more than cozy and working on Chinese-market products that would eventually make their way this way. Nothing ultimately came of it, but Chrysler hasn't given up on the Chinese dream. Or more accurately, Fiat hasn't given up on the Chin

Renault-Nissan creates partnership for deploying EVs in China

2010 Nissan Leaf - Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: New Chinese-market Cadillac SLS and Buick Excelle XT to debut in Guangzhou

General Motors' China's sales are up 60 percent year-on-year, and The General wants to keep the momentum going at its Chinese outpost. Automotive News China reports that the Guangzhou Auto Show will play host to the unveiling of the market-specific Cadillac SLS and Buick Excelle XT, the latter described as a four-door "coupé-like sedan."

SAIC-owned MG launches MG 6, first all-new car in 14 years

2010 MG 6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Shanghai 2009: Guangzhou Honda Linian roadster concept is messing with our S2000-loving heads

Guangzhou Honda Linian roadster concept - Click on the image above for a gallery

Guangzhou's Armada buys 207 hybrid buses

Armada, an "integrated group mainly engaged in bus tourism" with more than 5,500 buses running, is going to purchase 207 hybrid Eaton buses. The buses come from the same company that recently signed a large deal with Coca Cola. The powertrain is made up of a 6-cylinder diesel Cummins unit and a 44 kW electric motor. The buses will be delivered by Eaton from the U.S. but will be mounted comple

Chinese biodiesel industry unfazed by oil price falls

Biodiesel production is one of the new bull markets in China, with bright growth prospects and an environmental conscience. And, it is drawing in investors as production soars. Around Guangzhou in the nation's south, dozens of plants are reported under construction or already in production. The all-important feedstock question is being answered in a host of different way as well with imported palm oil, cooking

Nissan opens new joint-venture R&D facility in China

In an effort to keep its finger on the pulse of a quickly-expanding automotive market in China, Nissan's joint Chinese venture, Dongfeng Motor Co., has opened up a $41 million technical center in Guangzhou, Ch