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If we keep this up, we're going to best our record of six in a row, or whatever it was. The Autoblog Podcast crew returns for Autoblog Podcast #105 with Chris, Sam, and Dan discussing a paltry sweep of subjects as the quiet gathers before the storm of Congressional hearings is unleashed this week. We kept it shorter this week, but that doesn't mean that there's not plenty of witty repartee to go around. Enjoy!

According to Car and Driver, a preliminary version of the Nissan GT-R V-Spec -- that stands for Victory Specification, mind you -- could be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show later this year and may even be ready for sale by the end of the year. The V-Spec, whose actual specs have not been revealed, is the even better, faster, stronger version of the plain old blindingly fast Nissan GT-R. The V will be lower and more powerful than the regular GT-R, but no one knows yet by exactly how much.

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/design/New_Spy_Shots_of_the_Nissan_Skyline_GT_R'; Japenese car mags sometimes provide the juiciest of news for us Yanks to drool over. Take these scans from an unnamed Japanese car mag that show Nissan's upcoming GT-R. The pictures look a bit photoshopped, as they differ from spy shots we've seen of the car testing at the Nurburgring in Germany and elsewhere in the world. The car in these pics is much more aggressive with an extra intake for rear brake cooling