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As devout members of Our Lady of Blowers and Burnouts, most of us can sympathize with someone that rents the Shelby GT-H and then has to return the 'Stang to their local Hertz office. It must be a tough pill to swallow, but at the end of the day, what's the alternative?

Three short sentences appeared late last night on the Automotive News website, which imply that Shelby is working up a convertible version of the Mustang for car rental firm, Hertz.

You know the slogan and the TV commercials: "you can get 'it' on eBay." Well, damned if it isn't true, because a Newark, NJ car dealer has an '06 Shelby GT-H with just 4,000-odd miles on it listed at the online auction house. According to the item description, the car (VIN 1ZVFT82H365226495 / CSM No. O6H0037) was driven by a Hertz exec until Deluxe Auto Sales purchased the car at auction on November 16. When you consider that the GT-Hs are supposed to stay in service until they've got mileage in

Shelby Automobiles was on hand at SEMA to show off a suite of new appearance and performance add-ons that they'll be making available to Mustang owners in early 2007. Shelby is headquartered in Vegas, so their cars simply had to make a quick local run over to the show, where they appeared as part of American Racing's display (American Racing offers a line of Shelby wheels).

Ford is keeping the 83-year-old Caroll Shelby very busy according to The Detroit News, which is reporting that a third Shelby Mustang following the GT500 and GT-H will be released later this year. Ford announced the news to its dealers at a meeting in Vegas this week, but very few details are known. The official announcement will come in the next documentary webisode released on FordBoldMoves.com. Despite the lack of details, The Detroit News is guessing the new Shelby Mustang will be similar to

The dice have been cast on the Shelby GT-H in Las Vegas where production of the limited edition Mustang has just begun at Shelby’s facility in the city of sin. The resurrected “Rent-A-Racer” will populate the planet to the tune of 500 copies that will be made available to rent through the Hertz Fun Collection at select airport locations nationwide later this year. With 325-hp on tap beneath the foot of any average Joe with a license, we think it might be a good idea to spring f