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This past weekend Grassroots Motorsports welcomed 51 vehicles to Gainsville, FL for their $2008 Challenge. Constrained by the limited vehicle build budget, the entry list was chalked full of the popular weekend racer, the Mazda Miata. A few first generation Mazda RX-7s also filled out the list, most likely due to cheap availability and past Challenge success. The Honda CRX was another popular choice, with its proven reputation as a solid budget racer. While tiny, nimble chassis were the building

While we're mere hours away from installing an eBay-special driveshaft into Project LeMons, the crew over at Grassroots Motorsports has officially wrapped up its $2007 Challenge. We can only imagine what we'd do with an extra $1,507. Maybe strap a snowmobile motor where the passenger seat would reside that powers an engine cooling fan from an M1 tank to suck our RX-7 to the tarmac, ala Chaparral 2J. Well, Cheaparral Racing (get it?) did exactly that to a 1989 Chevy Corvette, creating over 1000 p