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New York Times admits Tesla Model S writer didn't use "good judgment" [Update]

And, lo, in the case of John Broder vs. Elon Musk, The New York Times is admitting defeat. A little bit. Sort of.

A call to URGE - Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently

In a lengthy, two-part editorial, David Roberts, a staff writer at Grist, presents his position on unifying the green lobby around the flag of URGE2: Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently. He is expecting bumper stickers and t-shirts - here's why.

Coal-powered ethanol plants might make the biofuel less appealing to environmentalists

Driving smarter (which we take to mean driving less and polluting less when we do drive) is about more that what your CO2 emissions are and your MPG rating, it's about feeling greener, better. There is a lot of attention (here and everywhere else, it seems) on ethanol as a way to drive cleaner, and in a lot of ways ethanol is better (greener) than regular old gasoline. But the big variable is how the ethanol is produced. Recently, Sebastian Blanco

MPGPP - self-indulgent number play or realistic rethinking of actual energy use?

Member biodiversivist has a post over on Grist where s/he talks about MPGPP and how it’s more accurate than the standard MPG. MPGPP (miles per gallon per person) takes not only the car’s fuel use into account, but also the number of passengers riding in the car at that time. It’s the calculation that makes busses a green mode of transportation, even though anyone who’s ridden a bike behind one knows that