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Meat eaters, meet the Big Taste Grille

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world's largest barbecue on wheels, the Johnsonville Sausage Big Taste grill. It's been travelling the country since 1995, hitting up events like the Superbowl and Daytona 500, and turning ton after ton of pork into delicious, juicy bratwurst.

V-8s turn up in the oddest places

What's more American than putting V8s where they don't belong? As we head toward the Independence Day holiday, let's take a few minutes to partake in that other great American repast, wasting time on YouTube. TechEBlog has gone on a surf-fest and they've dug up some interesting adaptations of one our favorite powerplants. A Hemi-powered barbeque certainly has merit, now that the summer grilling season is upon us; them's some fast burgers! Our favorite is the paper V8 with internals that

Porsche 914/G: Now that's a hot car

Doug Burris of St. Louis has built what simply has to be the hottest Porsche 914 around. Literally. The blue 1975 model won't ever run on its own power again, but its remaining days will ensure that every time it's fired up (again, literally), it'll provide sustenance to all who gather around it.