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I'm starting to think that the "hydrogen advocate" Greg Blencoe (always an AutoblogGreen fave) might be working against the hydrogen industry. In a new post on his Hydrogen Car Revolution blog, he responds to five energy efficiency arguments against hydrogen fuel cell cars. The problem? His rebuttals are not convincing (sorry, Greg). One of his points is a real head scratcher: "Regarding renewable energy, there is far more high-quality wind and solar power available than could ever be used. Ther

It's difficult to pick the strangest part of Greg Blencoe's post today about his ongoing bet with Joe Romm over the viability of hydrogen cars. It could be the hubris, the feeling of unquestioned "win" ahead for Blencoe (who, of course) came down on the pro-hydrogen-soon of the bet. But what's really bizarre is that he is using a picture of soldiers placing an American flag on a coffin as his lead image for his post. Is this a comment on how devastating America's continued quest for oil is? Is i

Regular AutoblogGreen readers will surely recognize the name Greg Blencoe. The organizing force behind Hydrogen Car Revolution often comments in posts relating to hydrogen and/or plug-in vehicles and certainly has his critics on these pages. Actually, make that commented.

When Consumer Reports tested out the Hymotion L5 plug-in Toyota Prius conversion earlier this year, they weren't overwhelmed with the results. Sure, the mileage they observed was boosted to about 67 mpg over the first 35 miles of the drive, but that didn't match the claims of 100 mpg (or more) that Hymotion and A123 Systems make about their product.

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Forecasting flaps for Tesla, Nissan and Chevy. Highlighting the limited range batteries offer. Wondering how well they would perform under less-than-ideal conditions. Explaining the cost of replacing li-ion batteries.There's a lot of electric vehicle and plug-in criticism going on on Greg Blencoe's self-defined "for hydrogen advocates only" blog post that has gathered up 25 quotes from Toyota and Honda executives. Blencoe also found five additional quotes from sources outside of the Japanese aut

Greg Blencoe, CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, asks us to "do the right thing" in his message urging us to begin our transition into the hydrogen economy now. He believes that the transition from fossil-fuels to hydrogen will cost $100 trillion, and can be done by the year 2020.