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California Attorney General drops greenhouse gas suit against carmakers

When I started posting here way back in 2006, one of the very first stories I wrote was about the state of California filing a lawsuit against six of the largest automakers over the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The original premise was that the emissions from cars were a public nuisance that cost the state billions of dollars to deal with. Of course, the real root cause of the suit had

Judge dumps automaker suit against state fuel economy rules

Federal Judge William Sessions has ruled that automakers who were suing California and fourteen other states have not proved their case to prevent the states from regulating greenhouse gases. In the absence of the federal government doing anything about greenhouse gas emissions, fifteen states have tried to take up the challenge. Since California is gene

California AG not giving up on automaker greenhouse gas lawsuit

California Attorney General Jerry Brown has decided to pursue a lawsuit started last fall by his predecessor Bill Lockyer. The lawsuit accuses automakers of creating a public nuisance by emitting excessive amounts of greenhouse gases. Brown wants to force carmakers to change their business practices to be more environmentally conscious.

Automakers respond to California greenhouse gases lawsuit

Back in September California Attorney General Bill Lockyer opened the latest front in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. He filed a lawsuit against the major automakers for causing a public nuisance. The legal grounds for the lawsuit are definitely questionable, although the approach is definitely a creative response by the state given the limitations they have in legislating such pollution. Law