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Last May, President Obama announced an increase in CAFE standards to reduce greenhouse gases and improve fuel economy.

As the Arctic ice caps shrink due to the warming of the planet, it's expected that vast reserves of additional oil and gas will become available, as approximately 25 percent of the planet's petroleum is thought to lie under the polar ice caps. In an effort to map these hydrocarbon resources, the US Geological Society (USGS), BP, and Statoil will be heading far north to conduct widespread surveys next year.

On Fox News, Steven Milloy writes about the backlash suffered by Ford CEO Bill Ford, Jr. at the hands of various environmental groups. The organisations have expressed their displeasure by pointing out that the Blue Oval still produces too much pollution from its manufacturing (“more heat-trapping pollution into our skies each year than the entire country of Mexico”); continues to produce gas-guzzling SUVs; and argues that the automaker opposes proposed California