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There is no earth-shattering news to report regarding this chat with Greenfuel Technologies, but it is nice to think of a future when renewable fuels will be generated from algae. In my humble opinion, algae presents the best hope for ethanol and biodiesel production, as it can be tailored for either. Why is it better than other options? Nobody eats algae, nobody likes algae, it grows wild, is easy to cultivate and it helps the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it gro

Algae is growing in Arizona and being used to absorb carbon dioxide at an electrical generating plant. If the future holds true to the plant's potential, then algae could be converted to fuel and replace up to one-third of the natural gas needed to power the plant. So far researchers are trying to find the best strand of the single-celled plant that is most effective. Algae ingests CO2 and releases oxygen, but it's also laden with oils that can be used to make biodiesel.