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If I've given the impression that I've come down hard on ethanol in many of my posts, then let the ethanol king from Canada set me straight. Ken Field is chairman of GreenField Ethanol, the leading producer of ethanol up north. He drives an Escalade and believes himself to be an environmentalist. He claims ethanol offers equal fuel economy equal to gasoline and only a 15-20 percent drop on the highway (I disagree). He says he needs subsidies to survive (I agree). Enough scorekeeping. You can rea

A new joint venture has been started between SunOpta Inc. and GreenField Ethanol to develop and construct commercial production processes for generating cellulosic ethanol from wood chips. According to SunOpta president Steve Bromley, they are planning on at least one and maybe more commercial-scale production facilities. The first plant will have a capacity of about ten million gallons per year and would be the first large scale wood chip based plant in the world. The two companies are looking