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We're not against a silly flash game that teaches us a fact or two about green cars or how to drive better, but one thing we do not need is a green car version of war/Top Trumps. But, this is what Green-Car-Guide.com has given us with the Green Car Game. If you want to learn, in detail and kind of randomly, what the CO2 emissions are for various vehicles offered for sale in the UK, the Green Car Game will allow you to do that. If you want "an innovative and engaging new way to raise awareness of

A new website with an oh-so-modest goal went online yesterday. The site, www.Green-Car-Guide.com, hopes to "end motorists' confusion about green cars". It'll do so with a simple interface and guided questions (like Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid - what's best for you?). The UK-centric site was founded by Paul Clarke and is a project of Promote Environmental Communication, one of the UK's leading communication consultancies on environmental and renewable energy issues.