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in 2012, Green Wheels, an eco-friendly car dealership in Chicago, sold "a ton" of Think City electric vehicles. Well, a ton for an underdog electric vehicle like the City, anyway, according to Green Wheels owner Doug Snower. The actual number was more like 50. Now, with the slow fade of Think – and the fact that Snower can't get any BYD e6 or Coda Sedans to sell – Green Wheels is gearing up to sell the Wheego LiFe alongside used hybrids and other used cars. The company has also sold

If you were smitten by the little electric Think City and thought the company's recent bankruptcy put the kibosh on your chances of ever owning one of the plastic-paneled car, then *ahem, think again. It seems there are still some of the city runabouts to be had if you look in the right place.

The video below the fold includes Stephen Heckeroth talking about his RAV4 EV on Green Wheels, a Zoom HD TV show. Stephen mentions that the RAV4 EV's 800-pound battery pack is under the floor, as low as you could want it, giving the still-popular electric vehicle a very low center of gravity. This opens up the interesting possibility: What if hybrids, which have a similar battery configuration, are safer than their gas counterparts when it came to rollovers? I cannot find roll over ratings for h