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Everyday we seem to encounter new green claims. Some of these come from actual independent, proven testing methods such as the Energy Star labels (well...) while others are merely thrown out there to wow us like 230 miles per gallon equivalent ratings. Slap a green sticker here or an eco-friendly label there and stuff sells. If you've ever questioned some of the labeling claims or wondered what they really mean, you're definitely not alone.

A Utah company called Green Star Products has some very big plans in store for the production of electric vehicles. According to the company, it was a producer of electric cars and trucks over a decade ago that were based on established platforms like the smart fortwo, Geo Metro and Ford Ranger, but left the market in 1998 after California dropped its EV mandates. Apparently, Green Star Products currently specializes in biofuels.

Green Star Products has finished the first phase of testing of an algae biodiesel pond in Montana. The first pond contains 40,000 liters of water but doesn't contain any algae yet. This phase involved controlling the water temperature, pH, evaporation and salinity. Green Star has combined some elements of a closed bioreactor system with a low-cost open pond setup. The first pond was assembled in under twelve hours. The enclosed pond was able to maintain water temperatures of at least 64°F ev