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Paul Drayson reflects on the "greening" of Le Mans

Drayson Racing Lola-Judd – Click above for high-res image gallery

Comparing the American Le Mans Series to NASCAR, IndyCar for relevancy

Peugeot 908-HY hybrid prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery

Greenlings: Can racing really be green?

Driving In Circles Can Sometimes Be Good For The Planet

Humans are competitive creatures who have raced against each other in one form or another for millennia. Is this still a good idea?

Atlanta Motorsports Park to become "the only green motorsports park in the world"

Over the last few years, racing organizations have seemingly become increasingly aware that their activities don't quite fit into the environmentally friendly category. Proof can be seen by the use of ethanol fuel by the IndyCar Series and the controversial KERS systems employed by various Formula 1 teams at the highest level of racing. Now, it seems that t

British Touring Car Championship to begin testing CO2 emissions

Motorsports of all kinds are feeling the pressure to reduce their environmental footprint, and the British Touring Car Championship is no different. In an effort to demonstrate their commitment to green racing (a contradiction in terms?), the BTCC has started testing the race cars of its various contenders at Land Rover's lab in Solihull to be sure that their carbon emis

Branson wants to buy Honda team only if F1 goes green and cuts costs

Richard Branson would like to go racing with his Virgin brand that is known around the world. The withdrawal of Honda from Formula One at the close of 2008 provided a perfect opportunity to pick up all the pieces that are needed on the cheap. But you don't get to be as wealthy as Sir Richard by doing dumb stuff, and Branson is apparently aware of Roger Penske's warning about using racing to make small fortunes out of large ones. Therefore, before he proceeds with taking on the remnants of Honda'

Two new manufacturers may join ALMS to participate in Green Challenge

The Detroit Grand Prix is back at the city's Belle Isle Park this Labor Day weekend and Saturday's activities will be dominated by the Detroit Sports Car Challenge. The Sports Car Challenge is the 9th race of the 2008 American Le Mans Series. We spoke to ALMS President Scott Atherton this morning about the series' green racing efforts. According to Atherton, the response to the Green Challenge that will debut at the Petit Le Mans at the beginning of October has been outstanding. The Peugeot 908s

Motorsport Engineering Conference checks out the greener side of racing

Over in Dearborn, Michigan today, the Motorsport Engineering Conference got started. It continues through Thursday. This conference, by the US Society of Automotive Engineers, includes panel discussions on "Motorsports in the Fifties: Tragedy and Response" and "Wind Tunnel Capabilities and Research." All very well and good for those engineers. For those of use interested in green news, there's plenty of interesting panels and papers to come. How about