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Confirmed: HUMMER buyer plans new green model

Hummer HX Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Sigh. Hybrid lies continue to spread

At this point, it seems certain that the old Prius versus Hummer "debate" is never going to die. Despite being proven false, the study continues to pop up every now and then as forum fodder or as ammunition for hybr

Can Hummer go green?

Since shortly after it's introduction in 2003, the Hummer H2 has been a lightning rod for people critical of General Motors' environmental policies. Although the H2 had a hefty thirst for fuel it was by no means the worst. However the militaristic styling that caused it to stand out from the crowd drew the kind of attention GM was not keen on in the wake of the EV1 shutdown. After sales peaked in the first two years of productio

Eco-warrior breaks bread with Hummer exec and talks green

At the invitation of GM, eco-blogger Michael d'Estries of Groovy Green attended the New York Auto Show. At dinner he took advantage of being sandwiched between Hummer boss Ross Hendrix and GM's lead exec on environmental issues, Beth Lowery. Michael's first questions to Hendrix: "So Ross, when is Hummer going green?"

Is a Hummer greener than a Prius?

When someone sends AutoblogGreen a tip titled "Hummers are Greener than Priuses", we've got to look into it. So we clicked on over to the opinion column on the Reason Foundation's website and found not a mind-blowing expose of the environmental benefits of the Governator's vehicle of choice but instead a somewhat interesting but ultimately weak argument bashing hybrids.