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Ford Lowers MPG Ratings On Six Vehicles

This is the second time the C-Max hybrid drops its fuel economy numbers

Ford has announced that it will be lowering the fuel economy ratings on a number of its 2013 and 2014 model year vehicles after an error was discovered in the company's internal testing data. The EPA has been notified.

'Charge Rage' Hits Silicon Valley As Electric Vehicles Outpace Charging Stations

EV owners experiencing harassment, unplugged cars

Limited charging stations are turning once chummy EV drivers who felt part of a special brotherhood to energy thieving and public shamming in order to score a charge, according to The San Jose Mercury News.

Gas Prices Falling Could Mean Less Demand For Green Cars

Prices at the pump expected to continue falling through end of 2013

Gas prices have tumbled over the past two months. That's a good thing for consumers, but not so good for sales of green-friendly cars.

Tesla Hopes To Build Affordable Electric Cars In Three To Four Years

Electric car sale continue to grow

Tesla Motors CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk told CBS the car company is looking to have an affordable Tesla on the market soon.

Toyota iQ wins UK Green Car award

2011 Scion iQ – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ten green cars to remember from the last 100 years

Today is the very last day of the year. And guess what? This is the very last post you'll see on AutoblogGreen in 2009. Fret not, green car aficionados, there will be fresh new material to keep us all interested in 2010, but let's take a minute to look back. Not just on the last decade, but on the entire last century.

Toyota and GM to end fuel-cell joint venture

Toyota and General Motors will end their joint-research effort on fuel-cell development at the end of next month out of futility-- a 'lack of progress.' All is not bad news, however... the two automakers will extend their alliance in other disciplines (advanced safety, 'intelligent transportation systems,' etc.) for another year. The original Toyota-GM agreement stems back to 1999.