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According to a recent study, companies hawking green wares may need to change their marketing strategies. OgilvyEarth, a consulting group specializing in sustainability, just released the results of their research called "Mainstream Green: Moving sustainability from niche to normal." It turns out that 82 percent of Americans intend to be greener in their lifestyles, but only 16 percent actually follow through, resulting in something that OgilvyEarth calls the "Green Gap."

50 Cars or 1 Coach ad campaign in Sweden – Click above to watch video

In what could either be a boon to companies which need to advertise and want to minimize their environmental impact or the ultimate in greenwashing, Brand Xperience has launched a new all-electric vehicle marketing division. Using electric trucks (look like Zap! Xebras) with what appears to be custom billboards in the bed, the company claims, "Go Green is the only mobile billboard advertising company dedicated to the sole use of all-electric, zero emissions vehicles for special events, street sa