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Click on image above for a high-res gallery of the Mazda KAAN and more from the Design Challenge

Although The Great Race has been postponed due to the recall of travel permits through China, the show will go on. According to the official website, "Great Race Sports owners, executives and participants are dedicated to honoring the history of this illustrious race." We think that the race, assuming it does take place, could gather a great deal of attention the world over. We've been keeping an eye on the race with posts on the E85-powered 1967 Aston Martin DB6 that will take part and other et

It's not a participation requirement, but that's not stopping some teams who are entered in to upcoming New York to Paris Great Race 2008 from trying to make the trip on ethanol or other renewable fuels or other "new automotive technologies. "There are two classes for vehicles participating in the race: one for classic cars (over 25 years old) racing in the Schuster Cup and the other for vehicles "created to showcase and prove that the latest generation of automotive technologies can meet the ne

With the news out today that next year's annual classic car Great American Race will kick off in Concord, North Carolina next June 30 (and end 4,000 miles away on July 14 in Orange Country, California), it's a good idea to clarify how this race relates to another "great race" coming in the near future.

The race is a long one, so it's got a title to match. The first "Great Race World 35,000km, New York to Paris 2008" will kick off next February in New York City and feature cars powered by alternative fuels. The race commemorates the 100th anniversary of 1908's "Greatest Auto Race". Complete details are not yet available, but there will be two divisions, one for Classis (pre-1969) cars and a more modern car class. Cars will drive across America, be shipped to Shanghai and then drive to Paris for